You Wouldn’t Want to be Nisha Right Now!

I made a quick trip to Mumbai where I attended what promised to be a deadly boring ‘Import Procedures and Documentation workshop’ but was anything but (I should learn to leave my prejudices at home!), then on to Delhi where I selected some gorgeous vintage carpets including Khotan’s that are one of my favourite groups. I managed to squeeze in a trip to Jaipur between the two where I bought a lovely collection of old Rajasthani pendants, ordered some Ajanta mural ceramic tiles and saw the rather spectacular Jenny Jones Collection just launched by Jaipur.  Announced the opening of the store and the online store which judging by the feedback has achieved the clean and stylish look and feel we wanted. Those are all the fun bits. The not so fun bits and the reason you wouldn’t want to be me is having to deal with badly laid red oxide flooring that gives off colour (replaced now I should add), claiming insurance for carpets stolen by an over-land cargo company, Air India going on strike with our first overseas order stuck in their cargo complex and many such petty annoyances. That, much to my horror, has given me shingles – if you have heard it is painful, it is, akin to labour pain in my view! I have always considered myself far too resilient to be impacted by a weakened immune system so finding out that I am, well… ‘human’, has been a shock! It has focused my mind though and am busy cutting out things that aren’t worth focusing on and changing vendors where need be.

So if you have missed it, here are some of the products we added in May. We (read Mike) added Facebook links and Pinterest on to the online store. Happy shopping and stay stress and shingles free!

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