Exhausted (after orange lemons at Chorsu Bazaar and exquisite miniatures at Abulkasim Medressa)

It’s 11.15pm and we’re exhausted. We did so much today that photocaptions are all we can get our minds around. So, here goes:

  1. Caravan is Tashkent’s quintessential theme restaurant eclectically put together to look like an Uzbek village home… the sprawling charpoy, water wheel, cane platters, dried chillies, worn kilims and old suzanis… The attached crafts store is to die for. Particularly loved the silk and felt appliqué stoles…
  2. Hard yogurt balls (kurut) are Uzbek equivalents of mumphali (peanuts). They come in all shapes, salted, spiced and what not. Great with beer we’re told.
  3. At the Chorsu Bazaar fresh fruit market. Just could not get over the beautiful shape of these lemons. They give a divine flavour to their teas which we are consuming by the potful. Have to take a couple home.
  4. After visiting the Indian Embassy, Ikat shops at Chorsu Bazaar, the travel agent and the beautiful home of the Rakhimov ceramists, we ended up in the 19th century Abulkasim Medressa that has been converted into an artisans school and workshop. Behind every tiny wooden door that was previously a classroom, an usto (master) wood carver chisels, a miniature artist paints…
  5. … This is where Nisha got into Arastan mode. Pulled out her computer and got them to sell her their best pieces.
  6. This is just a teaser of what you will see at Arastan. Gorgeous, delicate, intricate miniature paintings using tempera colours and gold leaf. Exquisite craftsmanship.


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