OWC Bazaar, Ahaan and Baale Mane

Serves me right for being upset with the dew in Delhi! It was raining when we woke up on the OWC Bazaar day and I had that sinking feeling that I had made no provision for waterproof covering (again!) However my mother, or rather her penchant for keeping what she calls ‘useful things’, saved the day. I had used plastic sheeting to put on the wet tables and clear plastic packaging to cover everything with, and managed to get set up and over the soggy mess we were met with. A good day, with lots of old faces – our first ever exhibition was the OWC Bazaar last year and it was nice to be back. The animal Christmas decorations were a big hit with kids and adults alike.

The next day could not have been more different. We were invited out by Yasmeen and Richard from Ahaan to a Christmas picnic in Lalbagh with about 50 children. It was uplifting and grounding at the same time. We had a gift budget of Rs. 100 and I was overjoyed to find that you can still buy some really nice books for that! We met Vicky and some of her girls from Baale Mane who had been invited as well. The little girl I gave my present to kept coming back to me… …saying nothing but wanting to be close. To be eight and not have a Mum who hugs and kisses you and tells you how beautiful and loved you are… …heart-wrenching. Vicky invited me to their Open Day on 11 December and I will gladly go to show my support for the work they do caring for orphaned and destitute girls. Maybe take some books for their library – maybe some art and craft bits – share but aim to do consistently and not just once.

My five year old Tiya took the conversation about no Mums and Dads in her stride and said that we needed to be old to die but that she has lots of people who love her and would take care of her if we were to die. Life can be very simple when you know you are loved!

And while on organisations I have come across, MITU did our newspaper bags for the Christmas Bazaars and I plan to do our branded bags with Freeset going forward. Both interesting, well run and making a difference. Part of the small army of not-for-profits/social enterprises that make all the difference to many, many lives in India.

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