Exhibition of Karimnagar Silver Filigree

Karimnagar Silver Filigree

Karimnagar Silver Filigree

We are excited to host an exhibition of rare and exquisite Karimnagar silver filigree works from 6th September 2012 to 8th September 2012 between 10.30 am-6.30 pm. The exhibition also features a talk by Deepti Sudhindra (owner of The Jewelry Project) at 12 pm on 6th September. Deepti has a passion for reviving old metalsmithing techniques and using them to create exquisite filigree jewellery, which led us to work together with her on this event.

Filigree work owes its origins to the ancient Greeks, which has been a major influencing factor distinctly visible in Indian silver filigree items. Silver filigree typically constitutes thin strips of fine silver coiled into looped and zigzagged patterns, used to fill up the base designs formed out of thicker silver pieces. To achieve the required thickness (thinness in this case), pure silver is repeatedly passed through a wire drawing machine with a series of holes of diminishing diameter till the required specification is achieved. Filigree work usually needs three types of wires: the thickest outer frame wire to produce the basic design and support the motifs within it, the relatively thinner wire to define the main lines of the motif subjects, and the thinnest wire (which is typically produced by spiraling together two strands of  36 gauge round wire, which is then flattened by hammering) to fill up the motif subjects. These wires are then soldered together using borax to produce the final filigree work.

Karimnagar Silver Filigree

Karimnagar Silver Filigree

Karimnagar filigree work initially started as a one man show through Mr Kadarla Ramayya, an expert goldsmith himself who picked up the techniques of the craft through his trips to the distant south, and maintained the secrecy of the craft through working behind closed doors (literally). The craft gradually flourished under the rule of the Nizams, who gifted filigree items as tokens to notable people visiting Hyderabad, and also used them as presents in marriage ceremonies. Silver filigree works now exemplify the perfect amalgamation of the vintage and the modern, with traditional drawing techniques used to create bold design motifs such as butterflies, fireflies, flowers and leaves. The 925  sterling silver design and the dedicated craftsmanship come across beautifully in every item.

Do come and explore the beautiful world of silver filigree works at our studio.

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