Christmas is Coming…

Arastan, AWA Mela, Delhi

Arastan, AWA Mela, Delhi

Doing a Christmas mela in Delhi proved an interesting experience. For security reasons we had to be in by 6:20am so there we were a bit cold and not quite awake and then had to wait till the dew dried up on our roof covering before setting up! The AWA team were great though and produced just about everything one had forgotten or not anticipated. The day went well although not as fantastic for us as the guy next door: his papier-mâché Christmas baubles were flying off the shelves, with his exaggeration on age/workmanship increasing as the day progressed. 🙂

Zardozi Christmas Rhino

Zardozi Christmas Rhino

Our own Indian Christmas decorations have arrived and we’ve been busy photographing and tagging them. Here is a sneak preview!

Each one is hand-embroidered, all done by an NGO that has managed to keep producing consistently high quality – a win-win for everyone. I love the zardozi embroidered baubles but as you can imagine Tiya says she loves the rhino and the elephant and the butterfly and the… (it is a long list!) If you are around please come and see us at the OWC Christmas Bazaar in Bangalore this Saturday and at the Mumbai Christmas Fest at the Race Course in Mumbai the following Saturday and Sunday. If not let us know if you would still like any of these and we can post them to you.

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