Bukhara Brass Platters

These superb brass platters were made by a master craftsman in Bukhara and are now available for sale by Arastan. They are carved multiple times to traditional patterns, with each platter being a one off piece created from the craftsman’s imagination and never repeated.

The heavier, more intricately patterned, platter weighs 1.046kg and is 2mm thick and the other is 0.916kg and 1.5mm thick. They are made of brass with a purity of approximately 80% copper and 20% zinc: the copper is mixed with zinc to become yellow copper, or brass.

How they are made (translated from description given by the craftsman himself):

  1. There is no stencil used for the design: it is made manually using a hammer and chisel.
  2. The overall design is divided into eight parts in order to make the complete pattern as consistent as possible.
  3. At first the design is done on one of the eight parts and then copied onto the other seven parts using carbon paper.
  4. After the full design is completed, it is then carved to a depth of 0.5mm with a metal pencil.
  5. The platter is then smeared with acid and fired, after which it becomes black.
  6. It is then cleaned with emery paper, resulting in the black color remaining in the carved areas and the design standing out dramatically.
  7. Carving, firing and cleaning is repeated two or three times depending on the intricacy of the design.
  8. Lacquering is the final stage in the process.

Perfect for display on your wall, or as a table centre-piece, and with a great story of traditional craftsmanship behind them. If you are interested in purchasing one then please contact us for prices.

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